When you go out of town for vacation or a business trip, you want to know your pet is in the care of people who love and understand animals. We continuously strive to improve our care, so you can travel with total peace of mind. At Holiday Pet Hotel in North County, CA, you can be assured we understand pets’ needs and provide gentle, attentive care for all our animal guests, with a variety of services.

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Dog & Cat Boarding

We can provide careful attention to both canine and feline guests at our facility, in separate areas, with timely feeding, exercise, and daily interaction to ensure your pet feels secure. Your pet will receive individualized care from experienced care providers. Our facility has been designed for maximum safety, with the highest standards of cleanliness. Appropriate vaccinations are required prior to boarding.

K-9 Day Camp

Many dogs benefit from socializing and interacting with other canines. Our K-9 camp/ doggie daycare provides exercise and opportunities for your dog to explore and learn. Our safe, clean outdoor areas make the perfect environment for romping and playing with other dogs. We carefully group canines according to their size, temperament, and activity level.

Grooming and Spa Services

We can also help with bathing and grooming your pet, to maintain an attractive and healthy coat. We also provide tooth brushing, nail care, fur brushing, fur de-matting, and flea treatments. Your pet can enjoy the full spa treatment while you’re away and will be fresh and ready for your return.

Bird, Reptile, Rabbit, and Pocket Pet Care

We can provide care for a wide range of animal species while you’re away from home. Providing an appropriate cage or container, bedding replacement, and your pet’s food, will allow us to ensure that your pet has all they need for a comfortable stay. We have experience with many species of animals and ensure your pet is well cared for during your absence.

Choose Holiday Pet Hotel for Pet Boarding in North County

We are a family owned business, with staff members who are chosen for their dedication to the care of animals staying at our North County animal boarding facility. We ensure our animal guests’ safety with on-site closed circuit video and 24-hour fire alarm monitoring. Call Holiday Pet Hotel today at 760-753-6754 to reserve boarding for your pet and to learn about the many services we offer for our guests.

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