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Holiday Pet Hotel: Pet Bathing

Bathing your pet is an important part of their routine care. If you require assistance bathing your cat or dog, contact Holiday Pet Hotel in Encinitas. In addition to grooming help, we offer animal boarding and additional pet spa services.


Why A Pet May Require Bathing

There are several signs that your pet will need a bath including: foul odor, fleas or other invasive parasites, or they have developed a problem with their fur and require a special shampoo. Another potential situation is after your pet has been in a fight with an animal. If they have gotten any cuts from their skirmish, your pet will need a bath to ensure that an infection does not develop.

Why It Is Important to Bathe Your Pet Regularly

If you do not take the time to bathe your pet on a routine basis, they may develop an odor because of debris buildup in the fur. Their fur may become matted as well, which is both visually unpleasant for you, and can bother your pet. The time spent bathing is important as it gives you the chance to check over their body for any possible medical issues that you may not notice otherwise. Bathing your pet will also help to keep it healthy as there will not be any chemical agents or bacteria within the fur where it is easy for the animal to access it by mouth.

What Happens During A Pet Bathing Session at Our Facility

When you bring your dog or cat to our facility for a pet bathing session, it will first undergo an evaluation by our staff to determine which services will be most beneficial for them. Your pet will be bathed using warm water and the gentle touches of our staff workers. They will be dried and brushed, leaving them with a clean coat free of tangles. Your pet can also get a pedicure!

Contact Holiday Pet Hotel in Encinitas for pet bathing and animal boarding needs. Call our office at 760-753-6754.

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