K-9 Day camp

Holiday Pet Hotel Offers K-9 Day Camp for Dogs in North County

Dogs are highly sociable creatures that thrive on interactions with their owners, visitors, and other animals. If you work long hours, your dog may not be getting enough socialization he or she needs to be physically and psychologically healthy. Doggie daycare can provide the extra activity and interaction your dog needs. At Holiday Pet Hotel in Encinitas, North County San Diego, we offer K-9 Day Camp to keep dogs active and well-socialized. 


K-9 Day Camp - $30 per day

We also offer coupon books which make the daily rate of Camp as low as $22 per day.

Now Offering!!! Half Day Rates: $20

Monday Through Friday 7:30 am - 2 pm or 11:30 am - 5:45 pm 

The Importance of Socializing Your Dog

Dog experts recommend socializing dogs at an early age. Dogs learn many new skills by taking them outside of their home environments and allowing them to interact with other dogs. Socialization can help prevent timidness, aggressiveness with other dogs, and separation anxiety problems. 

Benefits of Day Camp for Dogs

Day camp has many benefits for dogs. It allows time to physical exercise, play with toys, and engage with other dogs. Day camp can also improve their mentality and boost their confidence. Dogs learn about respecting the boundaries of other animals and maintaining their own boundaries as well. These experiences help make your dog healthier and happier. 

Why You Should Take Your Dog to Our K-9 Day Camp

Dogs may show signs of distress or be depressed when they are not receiving enough socialization from their environments. Some animals may become nervous or timid, develop separation anxiety when you leave the house, bark constantly, or chew on items destructively. Your animal may even demand your attention when you get home. Fortunately, our K-9 Day Camp can help with these problems. Our day camp in North County, North County-Encinitas allows pets a time for play and exercise so that they can be calmer and relaxed at home.

We Are Your Choice for K-9 Day Camp in North County, North County-Encinitas

Our wonderful and professional staff at Holiday Pet Hotel loves animals as much as you do, and is committed to providing individualized attention for all the pets in North County, North County-Encinitas, and surrounding areas. We offer boarding for many types of pets, and a fun and active daycare session for your dog. Call our team at Holiday Pet Hotel today at (760) 753-6754 to learn more about how our facility can help enrich your pet’s life and experiences.

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