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No matter how excited you may be over that upcoming family reunion, vacation, road trip, or national business event, the prospect of leaving your trusty dog behind can dampen your spirits, especially if you end up spending your entire trip worrying about his welfare. You want to know that your dog is enjoying good food, lots of playtime, and a safe environment surrounded by experienced, caring professionals. Here at Holiday Pet Hotel, we provide those services as your source for high-quality dog boarding in the North County area.

Why You Should Board Your Dog

You may know people who simply leave their dogs at home when they travel, relying on their friends or neighbors to feed the dogs during brief daily visits. Even if they've never experienced a problem with this arrangement, they're taking chances with their pets' well being. Even the most diligent friend or neighbor may run into situations that force them to delay or skip a visit. Additionally, if your pet is alone for most of the day, he may have a traumatic accident, ingest a toxic substance, or experience some other emergency with nobody on hand to notice and react. Older pets, in particular, may need an extra degree of looking after from someone who knows how to watch for problems and respond accordingly.

Separation anxiety is another potential problem for pets who are left alone for extended periods. Dogs are very social creatures by nature, and miss the company of humans and other animals. A dog who isn't used to being alone may experience a serious case of separation anxiety, resulting in destructive behavior or attempts to escape the house. A Safe, Fun, Healthy Stay for Your Special Friend Holiday Pet hotel knows how to keep your dog happy, healthy, and entertained while you're away. Three over sized play areas allow for both indoor and outdoor fun and games on a daily basis, complete with dog-friendly playground toys and equipment. We also provide high-quality food, although you can also provide us with your pet's food of choice. Your pet will sleep on clean, fresh bedding and generally have a wonderful time. We even provide a discounted freshen-up bath for dogs staying longer than 5 days.

Contact Our North County Dog Boarding Clinic in Advance

We require our canine visitors to be flea-free at check-in. You'll also want to provide us with any medications your pet is currently taking. Call us today at (760) 753-6754 to get all the details and make your appointment well in advance!

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