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Do You Need a Boarding Facility for Your Cat?

Vacation time can pose a bit of a challenge if you have a cat. Leaving your cat at home isn’t always an option. Yet if you aren’t sure if she’ll be happy in a cat boarding facility, it can be difficult to know what to do. At Holiday Pet Hotel in Encinitas, we know exactly how you feel. We’re here to take the stress of catty care off your shoulders so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. At Holiday Pet Hotel, you can have confidence that your cat will be in the best of hands.

Although cat sitting has its advantages, your cat will miss out on the love and attention she’s used to. Having someone stop by from time to time to feed, water, and change your cat’s litter box isn’t quite the same as full time care. If your sitter is careless, your cat could even escape and get lost or suffer an accident.

In contrast, cat boarding puts your cat in a safe, comfy environment where she can be cared for by experienced caregivers who share your love for cats. Your cat will have personal attention, fresh, healthy food, opportunities to socialize and make friends and a safe, comfortable environment in which to snooze, exercise, and play.

In the event of a medical emergency, your pet will receive prompt, professional care from veterinary experts in their field. If your pet is taking medications, boarding staff will ensure she receives her medications on time and on schedule.

Why Board with Us

Now that you know how safe and reliable cat boarding can be, here are some great reasons to board your precious cat with us. At Holiday Pet Hotel, we take cat boarding to the next level by providing our feline guests with safe, hygienic, luxury accommodations that offer all the comforts of home. Our standard accommodations come with a private enclosure, elevated resting platforms, comfy kitty beds, and an adjoining area for your cat’s litter box. Your cat will appreciate the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere our facilities provide. If you have several cats in your household, our triple or quadruple configurations provide ample space to accommodate the entire family.

Our spacious living room makes an excellent playing field for your cat. It comes complete with cat trees, scratching posts, and a wide variety of catty toys and treats to keep your pet well entertained during her stay. Your cat also benefits from the love and attention of experienced animal caregivers who are dedicated to their field.   

Cat Boarding Rates:

Deluxe Double Room - $18 

Deluxe Triple Room - $22 

Deluxe Quad Room - $32 

Luxury Cat Suites - $32 

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