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Skin and coat treatments are necessary

Let us groom your pet so that we can treat their skin and coats to keep them healthy!

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Professional grooming services

Latest equipment

Included in grooming services are skin and coat treatments, massage, teeth brushing and pedicures. Every pet doesn't always enjoy our salon services, but you sure will! They will come home looking and feeling great. Depend on us to make sure they receive only the best in care.

We use only the latest equipment and make sure that your pet is bathed, brushed, pedicured, massaged and pampered efficiently.

Pamper your pet!

Careful attention

Shedding is something that most pets do on a regular basis, but it can be uncomfortable. You may notice that this is why they itch or scratch often. We're proud to offer the“FURminator” De-Shedding Process that will include a brushing and coat treatments that will remove loose hair.


We also have massages and jacuzzi baths to pamper your pet.

Sometimes pets can have allergies or special needs. Knowing this, we will pay special attention to those that need it .

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